Highly profitable Entertainment business on a turnkey basis in 2016.

Attraction "Mirror Maze" with short project pay-off period from 1 to 3 months.

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Who we are and why we are trusted?

Professional production and installation of Mirror Maze attraction since 2011 on the territory of CIS and Europe.

We have built 95 objects for years of business activity, 43 of them paid off in the first months and bring growing profit to their owners.

Our company is a patent holder for the "Mirror Maze" on the territory of Ukraine and Russia.

Facts and figures about us:

75 labyrinths

All mazes are made with a unique, iterative design.

10 years of market presence

We professionally produce mirror mazes since 2011

100% pay-off

All attractions have successfully paid off in the first months.

13 countries

Our labyrinths are presented in 13 countries of CIS and Europe (Ukraine, Montenegro, Poland, Spaine, Lithuanian, Latvia, Israel, Belorussia, Turkey, Russia, Kirgistan, Chech Republic, Kazakhstan)

112 sq.m. area

This is the maximum area of mirror maze produced.

20 days

Record payback time of Mirror Maze.

What is Mirror Maze attraction

Mirror Maze - a popular attraction of family type with the shortest payback time.

The basic concept of the attraction is its construction in the form of a maze with mirrored walls and a variety of lighting effects, which results in a feeling of space disorientation, it provokes an incredible feeling and brings only positive emotions.

  • Fast investments return during 4-8 months.

  • Universal design and arrangement for any room.

  • Fast and quality installation on turnkey basis.

  • Large capacity - can hold 20-30 people simultaneously.

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Виктор Леонидович

Company "Mirmaze" have performed the installation of mirror maze in a difficult place - in the basement with a large number of arches, pillars and ledges. Team have spent more than a week on our project, and took into account all the requirements. Thanks to their professionalism, all our space cons were turned into pluses. I definitely recommend "Mirmaze" for Mirror Maze business realization. The company many times demonstrated its deep knowledge and experience in this project. Thanks to the cooperation with them we have performed all milestones in the project schedule without any delay and with a very high quality. It was pleasure for me to cooperate with Vitaly Borisenko and Leonid Mikhnenko.I will choose "Mirmaze" again If there is a necessity to implement this type of project in the future..

Наталья Андреевна

I am writing a review with the deepest gratitude and appreciation! As a customer, I can say that I have always been listened and heard concerning my needs, discussions with Leonid was very useful, because he explained a lot of new things for me. Quality of work exceeded my expectations. In general, I was pleased with the result, I have never seen such a bright attraction. It was the most warm and joyful experience (I even feel a little sad that it was over so fast :))) Great respect to Vitaly Borisenko, who manage the process. Payback period - 3 months.

Александр Николаевич

My name is Alexander, I'm working in the field of entertainment services. I decided to buy a mirror maze of «Mirmaze» company. Labyrinth is bright, attracts children and adults, they visit us often. The company is good, nice to deal with them. Plus, the guys provide after sales service. More than half a year after construction and it still works fine. All costs were fully recovered during three months.

Учредитель Александр

And I was very impressed by this idea, and I immediately contacted the company, then flew to them, at that time they were building a labyrinth in Moscow. And after conversation I left an advance payment. After 20 days, they were building a maze for me. I was so inspired by the originality of the attraction that when almost all my relatives thought I was insane and said that it was money to burn, I was even more spurred. I am glad that they were wrong, and I have reached the results thanks to the professional work of the company, which saved me from many errors at an early stage! Now everybody just feels jealous and praise me. As of financial side of the issue, the attraction costs were recovered in excess and it brings constant profit and joy, in addition to this I have made a name and fame.


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Step 2 We specify all the details and arrange a meeting by the phone

Step 3 In a personal meeting we conclude a contract and make advance payment

Step 4 We start production and installation of Mirror Maze attraction

Step 5 You get ready to run business on turnkey basis.


What's included in the attraction batching?
It includes an attraction itself with the "turn-key" installation, an advertising signboard, background music, TV with the standard videos, surveillance camera and marketing consultation.
What is the production time?
Individual project development term - 30 days.
What to do in the case of mirror break?
In this situation, the elimination of problem is carried out within 30 minutes. New mirror is glued on top of damaged one without dismantling. It does not cause any harm to visualization.
Payback period?
Quick return of investments - from 4 months. This modern attraction is at the peak of popularity and intrigues consumers. The attraction evokes only positive emotions and those who visited it will come back for sure.
Maintenance and assembling of attraction after installation?
Mirrors are mounted in accordance with special technology, which have been used for more than 4 years in this project. This mounting design allows the owner of the attraction not to worry about mirror breakage or visitors injury. But of course, it can be damaged using enormous force, since it's still a glass.
What are the guarantees?
It is important for us that our attractions bring money. We are not only a salesman, but we are also the owner of the attractions that are successful and profitable. You also get a guarantee of on time construction and quality assurance - all materials are certified.

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